Using the playground

Migrations playground


Welcome to the Interactive Playground for inspecting generated SQL for migrations in Entity Framework Code-First models. This tool empowers developers to explore and analyze the SQL statements generated during the migration process for a specified Entity Framework Code-First model. The playground facilitates a hands-on experience, allowing developers to interactively inspect the generated SQL, promoting better understanding and troubleshooting of database schema changes.

Using the Interactive Playground will give insight into how different providers map the same model.

Explore SQL statmements

On the right side of the playground in the Results pane, you'll see a list of SQL statements generated for the specified Entity Framework Code-First model. Changing the provider and Entity Framework version will allow immediately rerun the migrations. Experiment with different model changes and observe the corresponding SQL statements generated after executing the run command.

Gain insights into how Entity Framework translates your Code-First model changes into SQL statements for database schema modifications.


While editing the code:

  • Ctrl + Enter - Generate migrations

Happy exploring!

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